Welcome to the Data Hub Project!

The Data Hub Project is developed by, Dr. Nandor Poka, however it is built upon work of others. The project use the Jupyter software package (JupyterHub, JupyterLab, and the Jupyter Notebook). The tools hosted inside the project are all free and mostly open-source, some of them you may already know. Initially tools for general Data Science and Bioinformatics / Computational Biology will be available. You can already try out the Bio Data Hub. The future of development can be followed on the roadmap.

The aim of this project is to collect the best available tools, and technologies and host them in a standardized environment where researchers, data scientists, data analysts, bioinformaticians – in plain words people all around the globe – can work without the frustration of maintaining dependencies, setting up various tools, updating software etc. Through using the same environment everybody will be able to easily share his/her work with others, and best practices can spread easily.

The notebooks used by the Jupyter software provide convenient way to develop reusable, reproducible, and well documented code. In one cell you can document your code in Markdown format, in other cells you can write code of your preferred language. See the Features page for currently available kernels and software packages.

If you need help with the JupyterLab / Jupyter Notebook, please visit their website(s) on the links below for detailed documentation.

To report issues or make feature requests, please visit the projects Github repository.

I wish you productive work!

Best wishes,

Dr. Nandor Poka